Male Enhancement Pills – How Do They Work?

Possibly the most common male enhancement pills are Viagra – those little blue tablets specially designed to make men more vigorous in the bedroom. These pills work by increasing blood flow to the penis, therefore making it more engorged, harder, and last longer. During the time in which the pills are in effect, the penis seems to grow larger and thicker than normal, mainly due to the increased blood flow in the veins.

Can Pills Cause Permanent Size Increase?

Unfortunately, male enhancement pills don’t cause permanent thickness and length growth. They can improve stamina and create impressive erections – but only for a short period of time. Typically, pills are taken a few hours or minutes before intercourse, upon which they’d stay effective for a few hours, depending on the strength of the product. Some pills may be taken on a daily basis, but this depends largely on the instructions provided by the manufacturer. You’ll find that some pills are also taken in conjunction with extenders or pumps in order to facilitate growth and stamina.

How Do the Pills Work?

Different pills work in different ways, depending on the ingredients added into the mix. More often than not, you’ll find natural extracts included in the pill with just a few man-made substances to even the odds. Typically, these pills facilitate enlargement by allowing the blood vessels to widen so that they can take more blood and therefore grow thicker due to the additional fluid volume. Other ingredients work directly with other parts of the body, increasing the male desire and sustaining it at a specific level. This is why after male enhancement pills, most males find that they stay harder for longer periods of time. The most common ingredient found in these pills is Korean ginseng which has been proven effective through streams of testing.

Do They All Work?

Of course, you should know that not all male enhancement pills are the same. Some might work wonders while others will do nothing for you or otherwise cause side effects. For example, Viagra does miracles for some men but in others, they cause headaches and flushes to the point where switching to a different pill is recommended. When choosing male enhancement pills, it’s best to first consult your doctor – especially if you have pre-existing health conditions.

Who Should Use This?

If you have erectile dysfunction, then using male enhancement pills may be necessary, even if you are still young. Over the counter medications are often available so seeking medical help may not always be necessary. For older individuals however, doctor approval is a must to ensure safety. In the older generation, stronger pills may also become more necessary since the erectile dysfunction is more set in due to old age.